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Furnitures/ibikoresho byo Munzu

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Bed Sheets /Drap de Lit Double ( amashuka) 1 pair of bed shee...
RWF 20000  
Bed Sheets /Drap de Lit simple ( amashuka) 1 pair of Bed shee...
RWF 17000  
Couvre lit ( Bed cover) Medium
RWF 30000  
Couvre lit ( Bed cover) Large 2m x 2m
RWF 95000  
Curtains/Rideaux (du jour) blood 12000 ...
RWF 8000  
Essuie-main/Towel big     
RWF 18000  
Essuie-main/Towel Medium   
RWF 12500  
Matress Dodoma /big size 2nd Quality 1st...
RWF 195000  
RWF 25000  
Mattresse protector    
RWF 40000  
Mosquito net( supaneti) bed 180  
RWF 25000  
Mosquito( supanet)   
RWF 35000  
Mosquito( supanet) 2mx2m
RWF 35000  
Wardrobe Wardrobe  Model 9...
RWF 40000  
Wardrobe Wardrobe Small
RWF 50000