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Fried Noodles With Beef Kitchen Chinese
RWF 5000  
Beef Curry   with penne and ...
RWF 7000  
Beef Sauce with penne and Sal...
RWF 6500  
RWF 7500  
Boilo ( Beef)   
RWF 8000  
RWF 9000  
RWF 2000  
Cheese Burger   
RWF 8000  
RWF 3000  
Chicken Curry With penne and Sal...
RWF 9500  
Chicken Kuryy (Canaberra)    
RWF 7600  
Chicken Pizza   
RWF 12500  
RWF 3000  
Fish stew and Ugali    
RWF 9000  
four season pizza(medium)   
RWF 10000  
Fried Noodles with Eggs With Chips   
RWF 4200  
Fried Noodles with chicken Dices Kitchen Chinese ...
RWF 4800  
Fried Plantains(Imizuzu)   
RWF 4000  
Fried Rice with Eggs       
RWF 4500  
Fried Rice with Soy Sauce and Ginger Kitchen Chinese  ...
RWF 4000  
Fried Rice With Vegetables Kitchen Chinese ...
RWF 3500  
Green Salad             ...
RWF 1500  
Grilled Chicken with Potatoes /Select Boutique Served with Chips,...
RWF 17000  
Isame Rice with chicken leg/ Beef        For one...
RWF 6500  
Jollof Rice Nigeria plate
RWF 13000  
Large Whole Fish Served With Chips ...
RWF 18000  
Lunch Plate    
RWF 33000  
Mayonnaises Yogushyira kunyotse    Mayonnaises y...
RWF 1000  
Mixed salad     
RWF 4000  
Oregano Chicken    With Penne an...
RWF 7000  
Piece Of Chicken with Chips and Rice Piece Of Chicken w...
RWF 8500  
RWF 6500  
Pomme Saute with Rice    
RWF 5000  
Poulet Braise        
RWF 15000  
Sizzling Beef    
RWF 7200  
Sizzling Chicken    
RWF 8500  
Sizzling Fish   
RWF 9500  
Spaghetti Bolognese Kitchen Camellia ...
RWF 8000  
Turskish Breeakfast        
RWF 8500  
Vegetable Curry With penne and sal...
RWF 6500