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Super Market (Ihahiro)

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Cereal Flakes     
RWF 6000  
Cereals (Kellogy)             ...
RWF 8500  
Cereals (weetos)           
RWF 8000  
Cereals(Maxi Special K.)             ...
RWF 13000  
Cornflakes (Chocolate)    
RWF 2500  
Cornflakes Choco Krisps     
RWF 13500  
Cornflakes Everyday(big)    
RWF 9000  
Cornflakes Honey Bubbles    
RWF 6500  
Cornflakes Rice Krisps(small) / (big)  Cornflakes Rice ...
RWF 7000  
Honey Nut Cheerios (Double)  Honey Nut Cheeri...
RWF 14000  
Out of Stock
Rice Krispies Kellogg's Rice...
RWF 10000  
Out of Stock
Weetabix cornflakes
RWF 3500