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1Kg of Beef Fry Beef and Onions
RWF 7500  
Beef Fry /Half Beef and Onions
RWF 3750  
Beef Platter with Pilau FOR 4 PEOPLE Pi...
RWF 30000  
Black Tea             ...
RWF 1000  
Boilo Goat With kawunga, Boil...
RWF 8000  
Brochette (Inka)   
RWF 2500  
Brochette Chicken   
RWF 3000  
Brochette Fish     
RWF 3500  
Brochette Liver   
RWF 2000  
Brochette Zingaro    
RWF 2000  
RWF 2000  
Omolette (Eggs with chips) 3 eggs with chips...
RWF 3000  
Omolette (Regular) 3eggs    
RWF 1600  
Pilau Beef   
RWF 4500  
Potato wedges and beef potato,salad,beef ...
RWF 4500  
Rolex (Vegetables)    vegetables (c...
RWF 5000  
Special Omelette 3eggs,onions,green...
RWF 3500