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Bacon and Cheese With Chips  
RWF 5000  
Buffet A Plate With Meat ...
RWF 6500  
Buffet A Plate with Chick...
RWF 5500  
CHAIR OFFICE             ...
RWF 280000  
Chicken Burger With Chips      
RWF 7500  
Chicken Curry Sandwich With Chips      
RWF 9000  
Chicken Rice with salad For 4 Persons   ...
RWF 7200  
RWF 7000  
Cocktail-Long Island tea    
RWF 7000  
RWF 7000  
Cocktail-Tequila Sunrise      
RWF 7000  
Goat Skewer   
RWF 3000  
Ham Sandwich With Chips
RWF 4500  
Hamburger With Chips    
RWF 7500  
Ikidari      half ikida...
RWF 9000  
Inyama Coma   
RWF 18000  
Matina Whole Local Chicken     
RWF 18000  
Mattina Chicken Leg With Chips and Sal...
RWF 8000  
Mattina Platta   
RWF 12000  
Nyamacoma Rib   
RWF 11000  
Pizza 4 Season Ask 4of your choic...
RWF 10500  
Pizza Carzone Ham,onions,eggs,ch...
RWF 10500  
Pizza Chicken/Medium   
RWF 10500  
Pizza Mariguarita     
RWF 10500  
Pizza Mexicaine Tomato Sauce, bolo...
RWF 10500  
Pizza Vegetariaine Tomato sauce,Vetab...
RWF 11500  
Sausage With chips      
RWF 4500  
Tartar Fish Finger With Chips     
RWF 8500