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Gaz Refill   
RWF 5700  
K-Gas with burner 12kg
RWF 85000  
K-Gaz 20kg Gas with burn...
RWF 104000  
K-Gaz 25kg Gas with burn...
RWF 122000  
K-Gaz with Burner 6kg
RWF 37000  
K-Gaz with Burner 15kg
RWF 93000  
Kigali gas refil 6kg
RWF 9500  
Kigali-Gaz (Refill) 12kg
RWF 20000  
Kigali-Gaz (Refill) 20kg
RWF 27200  
Kigali-Gaz (Refill) 15kg
RWF 21000  
Kigali-Gaz (Refill) 25kg
RWF 32000