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BBQ Burger (Riders Lounge) Grilled Beef Burge...
RWF 9500  
Beef and Bacon Burger(Riders Lounge) Beef pattie Topped...
RWF 10500  
Beef Burger (camellia) With Chips   
RWF 6000  
Beef Burger (Simba)             ...
RWF 4500  
Beef Cheese Burger(Camellia) With Chips
RWF 6500  
Chicken Burger (Camellia) With Chips   
RWF 6500  
Chicken Cheese Burger(Riders Lounge) Chicken pattie wit...
RWF 10500  
Classical Beef Burger (Riders Lounge) Prime Beef Burger ...
RWF 9000  
King Burger With Chips   
RWF 7000  
King Chicken Burger With Chips  
RWF 8000  
Riders Special Burger Moist Prime Beef A...
RWF 12000  
Vegetarian Burger (Riders Lounge) Grilled Assorted V...
RWF 6500