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Drinks/Boissons non Alcoolise

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Highland everfresh milk             ...
RWF 1500  
ikivuguto masaka   
RWF 4000  
Ikivuguto Nyanza Milk    
RWF 7000  
Inyange Chocolate Milk   
RWF 2500  
Inyange Low Fat Milk   
RWF 1300  
Inyange Milk Carton 12pcs /L    
RWF 17000  
Inyange Plain Yoghurt    
RWF 800  
Inyange Strawberry Yoghurt   
RWF 800  
Inyange Whole Milk    
RWF 2000  
Inyange Whole Milk      
RWF 1300  
Inyange Whole Milk 500ml Carton    
RWF 10000  
Inyange Yoghurt Apricot    
RWF 800  
Mukamira Ikivuguto   
RWF 3000  
Out of Stock
Mukamira Milk   
RWF 500  
Out of Stock
Mukamira Milk (Ikivuguto)     
RWF 4500  
Mukamira Milk-Ikivuguto     
RWF 6500  
Mukamira UHT Milk (Inshyushyu)   1 pack with 12 ...
RWF 900  
nestle Aardbei yoghurt    
RWF 2500  
RWF 1000  
Yoghurt Masaka (small)   
RWF 500